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Marriott Delta, Orlando Lake Buena Vista

Group rate: $89.00 plus tax from April 9 - September 30 2020
Concessions: Complimentary Bus Parking and Complimentary Breakfast for One person per room daily.

Spreading Positive News

U.S. Travel Association offers extensive information and tools regarding the recently passed CARES Act


-$377 billion in loans and loan forgiveness for small travel businesses
-$454 billion in federally backed financial assistance for impacted businesses
- $454 billion through the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve to assist impacted travel businesses and governmental entities through secured loans, loan guarantees and other financial measures.
-Tax relief to mitigate losses and allow businesses to use cash to pay employees and keep the lights on
-Grants for impacted tourism businesses and airports

Attn: Hotel Management Companies and Hotel Owners

If at all possible, we urge you to keep your Entertainment Sales Managers on staff during this incredibly difficult time in our industry. We are seeing MANY tours being rebooked for Summer AND Fall, and we want to make sure your property has someone to respond to these booking inquiries, tend to these groups and support the Agents who need to move many rooms to new dates. In the 30 years that we have served the Entertainment Industry, we have seen the Entertainment Market come back strong every time there has been a challenge. PLEASE hang in there with the Entertainment Community as we weather this storm.

Tour Connection Class of 2019 Yearbook!

With the popularity of the yearbooks at our TCU’s we are about to publish our first “class of 2019” Yearbook including most of our TC members, national reps , Transportation reps and CVB’s! Now you can put faces with names and find out more about your favorite reps. Entertainment Travel Buyers can receive this free annual publication by request form here.